a pretty thing still has worth

i have too many tarot decks.

last count, i had over 4 dozen and that’s not counting the one’s i’m still waiting on to arrive.

the way i see it, some people collect cute cat statuettes or stamps, so why shouldn’t i be able to collect every single tarot deck that strikes my fancy to my greedy little heart’s content?

never mind the fact that i’m quickly running out of space for any more.

that’s just semantics.



oh well. nothing a shelf or two won’t fix. there’s some intellegence in the saying “only buy things you’ll use. i hardly use the ones i buy (i love the artwork and feel of them shuffling in my hands, but i only really use a few decks for any actual readings), but i do go through them quite frequently to shuffle them and contemplate the art.

not everything needs a purpose outside looking pretty and i’m trying to remember that.

xx steph

resin woes and other troubles

i’ve recently gotten into resin art just like everyone else in the world, apparently, and i have found that i really really enjoy it, but one of the annoying things is trying to come up with ways to accomplish the things i want to do.

for one, molds and resin are expensive and sometimes, hard to work with.

for another, i come up with an idea, only to find out that someone else did it first and then i just feel like an asshole for “stealing” someone else’s thought.

i know that this is just how this process works, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating.

i suppose that just means i must adapt, overcome, and be better.

all doable, just exhausting.

oh, well, back to the grind!


i can’t smell and it’s really cramping my style

photo credit: anemarts.tumblr.com

a few weeks ago, i was struck down by the dreaded plague.

now, all things considered, i was really, really lucky.

i never had breathing problems or coughing fits or anything like that. just wicked congestion, loss of taste and smell, the most severe body aches i’ve ever had in my life.

anyway, that’s neither here nor there.

i got better and count myself incredibly lucky to have done so.

never mind the fact that it’ll add a whole new layer of meaning to my planned plague doctor tattoo.

however, there is one thing that i’m finding so annoying that if it doesn’t remedy itself, i might actually go insane.


i know what you’re thinking: huh, that’d be pretty rad to never have to smell a terrible thing again.

which, point, i guess, but what about all the good smells? the ones that trigger memories you didn’t even know you remembered?

also, i cook mostly by smell (recipe? what recipe?) and since the COVID, nothing has tasted right and it’s awful.

something i took for granted is gone and i don’t know if it’s coming back.

i hope so.

anyway, just needed to vent a bit.

stay safe, be smart, and for fucks sake, wear a mask.

xx steph

poppets are a girl’s best friend

okay, not really, but they come pretty damn close.

i have wanted to create a line of poppets for my shop for a while now and today, i sat down to contemplate the issue.

poppets, historically, are used to do bad things to worse people (or anyone you want to get back at for being an asshole, really) and i don’t want that to be my calling card.

revenge is fun and all, but the satisfaction is so fleeting, you know?

who has time for that? i sure as shit don’t.

if that’s your jam, no judgment, but i have better things to do that spread even more pettiness and hate just for the sake of spreading pettiness and hate.

so, instead, i have decided that my poppets are going to be friendly ones.

they’re going to be peaceful and kind and playful. all the things you need when you’re having a bad day.

and why not?

magic can be anything we want it to be, right?

be on the look-out for these adorable poppet-y weirdos, coming soon to a shop space near you!


an intro?

introductions are annoying and irritating and 200% unnecessary, in my opinion.

so, i’m not writing one.

instead, this is what you need to know.

1. fuck COVID

2. fuck the horked up baby carrot we’re forced to call “president”

3. i am a pagan witch

4. i will not be tolerating bullshit or trolls. (see #3 and proceed at your own risk.)

5. avocados are over hyped

welcome to the party.

stay tuned for further nonsense and shenanigans.

xx steph