it’s okay to pamper ourselves

i’m a serial “i feel like shit so i’m going to buy lots of things that i don’t need to make myself feel better” shopper.

this inevitably leads to feeling guilty when i finally see my bank account’s been taken out at the knees and i’ll be living on ramen for the next five days before payday.

while this may not be the healthiest of habits, neither is feeling guilty about trying to make yourself feel better.

i’m in no way advocating for someone to go out and spend all their hard earned rent money when they’ve had a shit day, but when things are rough, buy that candy bar or coffee.

sometimes, we really do need a pick-me-up and i don’t think we need to feel guilty about it.

case in point, my new nails.

i’ve been struggling with migraines lately and everything is shitty and i still don’t know what’s causing them, but i decided today that i was going to treat myself to a manicure after being stuck in the house for a three day snowstorm and i was just sick of feeling gross.

so i decided not to feel gross anymore.

i say stop feeling gross and treat yo’self!

life is too short to pass up a candy bar anyway.


2 thoughts on “it’s okay to pamper ourselves

  1. Ways to pamper yourself without spending any money. A hot bath, making a batch of cookies, a trip to the library for a good book or movie, watching your favorite tv show, having a good friend over for coffee and bitching, go to bed early (yes, that is pampering yourself), learn a new craft, like crochet or blogging.


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