riding that ebb and flow…

i’m in a weird place.

my mind is clearer than it has been in actual months (both thought-wise and pain-wise), i’ve decided that i want to go back to school (though i haven’t told anyone because i need to do this for me, not them), and the business i’m trying to open (the first step of which being this blog) has made amazing progress.


needless to say, i’ve never been more productive.

it’s exciting and it’s scary.

i feel this incredible need to go-go-go-go, but i’m also exhausted and i don’t want to burn myself out.

i suppose, in some ways, this post is a reminder that i need to stop and breathe once in a while and that’s okay.

my biggest complaint about society is that everyone is in such a rush all the time, even while i fall into the same trap as the rest of the world.

so, this is me, slowing down.

i have all the time in the world to accomplish the things i want to and it’s not a race.

I AM enjoying the calm and stillness of the creative process,

what will be, will be.

i just need to remember to be patient.


One thought on “riding that ebb and flow…

  1. If there is one thing I have learned in all my years of blogging it’s that you have to schedule regular down time. It’s why I seldom post one weekend’s and once in a while post I am taking a break. I’ll be back when. It gives me time to develop my ideas and recharge my creative batteries. A person needs to do that in real life roo.


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