poppets are a girl’s best friend

okay, not really, but they come pretty damn close.

i have wanted to create a line of poppets for my shop for a while now and today, i sat down to contemplate the issue.

poppets, historically, are used to do bad things to worse people (or anyone you want to get back at for being an asshole, really) and i don’t want that to be my calling card.

revenge is fun and all, but the satisfaction is so fleeting, you know?

who has time for that? i sure as shit don’t.

if that’s your jam, no judgment, but i have better things to do that spread even more pettiness and hate just for the sake of spreading pettiness and hate.

so, instead, i have decided that my poppets are going to be friendly ones.

they’re going to be peaceful and kind and playful. all the things you need when you’re having a bad day.

and why not?

magic can be anything we want it to be, right?

be on the look-out for these adorable poppet-y weirdos, coming soon to a shop space near you!


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