i can’t smell and it’s really cramping my style

photo credit: anemarts.tumblr.com

a few weeks ago, i was struck down by the dreaded plague.

now, all things considered, i was really, really lucky.

i never had breathing problems or coughing fits or anything like that. just wicked congestion, loss of taste and smell, the most severe body aches i’ve ever had in my life.

anyway, that’s neither here nor there.

i got better and count myself incredibly lucky to have done so.

never mind the fact that it’ll add a whole new layer of meaning to my planned plague doctor tattoo.

however, there is one thing that i’m finding so annoying that if it doesn’t remedy itself, i might actually go insane.


i know what you’re thinking: huh, that’d be pretty rad to never have to smell a terrible thing again.

which, point, i guess, but what about all the good smells? the ones that trigger memories you didn’t even know you remembered?

also, i cook mostly by smell (recipe? what recipe?) and since the COVID, nothing has tasted right and it’s awful.

something i took for granted is gone and i don’t know if it’s coming back.

i hope so.

anyway, just needed to vent a bit.

stay safe, be smart, and for fucks sake, wear a mask.

xx steph

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