a pretty thing still has worth

i have too many tarot decks.

last count, i had over 4 dozen and that’s not counting the one’s i’m still waiting on to arrive.

the way i see it, some people collect cute cat statuettes or stamps, so why shouldn’t i be able to collect every single tarot deck that strikes my fancy to my greedy little heart’s content?

never mind the fact that i’m quickly running out of space for any more.

that’s just semantics.



oh well. nothing a shelf or two won’t fix. there’s some intellegence in the saying “only buy things you’ll use. i hardly use the ones i buy (i love the artwork and feel of them shuffling in my hands, but i only really use a few decks for any actual readings), but i do go through them quite frequently to shuffle them and contemplate the art.

not everything needs a purpose outside looking pretty and i’m trying to remember that.

xx steph


  1. There is nothing wrong with collecting something just because it brings you joy. Right now thats were I am with tea. I won’t give you crap about your tarot if you don’t give me crap about my tea stash. Deal?

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  2. I just counted mine recently. I have less than 10 decks and I have been telling myself that I’ll cap it off when I have 12 decks (one for each month) but seeing the recent indie decks on Kickstarter am not too sure anymore.. might have to double my own limit 😬

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