the “eyes” have it…

i’ve been pretty nonexistent this last month, as you may have noticed.


long story short, my eyes decided to mutiny and i spent the better part of may struck down with ridiculous migraines and annoyingly doubled vision.

as a result, the only thing i could manage was to just barely crawl through my desk job responsibilities (which has me staring at a computer screen for 8+ hrs a day) and some days, i couldn’t even manage that.

but, enough of that pity party parade.

my eyes are on the mend, my head is (mostly) pain free, and i am so ready to get this show back on the road.

over the next coming weeks, watch this space (!) for more awesome posts and fun adventures to be had!

there may even be a few surprises on the horizon.

but you didn’t hear it from me.

welcome summer! it’s about time you got here!


a good stretch…

i’m ashamed to admit that my personal daily yoga practice has been pretty non-existant these last few months.

sometimes, life is rough and the last couple years have been no exception. unfortunately, instead of turning to the mat, i turned away from it and spend a lot of time curled up in a pile of blankets and ignoring all of my problems.

things have finally begun settling down however, and i find myself missing the ritual of a daily practice.

so, to remedy this, i began searching for an online/at home yoga class that i could take even on days when i couldn’t get myself to the gym and i came across and subsequently, sadie nardini.

because i am so out of practice and out of shape, i decided to go with her 21 day beginner class.

i’m excited to get started again, which i plan to do, bright and early before work tomorrow morning.

apart from getting me up and out of bed when i’ve become accustomed to laying there until the last possible minute, starting my day off with a ritual and a workout gives me something to look forward to so i can start my work day stress free and clear headed.

hopefully, it won’t take too long to get back into the swing of things, and even if it does, i suppose that’s all part of the process, isn’t it?


grounding, among other things…

i had an energy healing, or reiki, session done yesterday.

at first, i didn’t quite know what to expect, though i have studied the practice a little bit over the years.

but, my local crystal shop had an in-house practitioner in today and i figured, “what the hell? i’ve been feeling blocked and listless for a while, what could it hurt?”.

turns out, it didn’t hurt. at all.

during the session, the practitioner talked me through his process and what he was doing, but mostly, we were quiet, just letting the energy do its thing.

i wasn’t sure what i was supposed to be feeling, or if i was supposed to be feeling anything at all, but not too long after the session started, i noticed that it felt like i was going to be lifted right off the table by some sort of force, though i never actually moved.

it was the weirdest thing.

i asked the practitioner, and suddenly, that feeling got infinitely stronger around my lower back, like someone was physically lifting me by my hips.

he then asked if i’d felt that and when i confirmed, he explained that he’d pushed more energy to me to validate what i was feeling.

mind you, he hadn’t said anything before doing this and he hadn’t given me any indication that he was going to do anything differently than he already was, so i feel like i can rule out suggestion bias.

after that, he worked on some problem areas (mainly my head and feet) and when the session was over, we chatted a bit.

he let me know that perhaps i needed to add a grounding practice to my daily routine, through meditation or yoga, because there was something blocked around my root chakra, and also, that my headaches are apparently caused by my third eye trying to open.

so, i have quite a lot to ruminate on.

i’m not opposed to either of these things or any advice/information the practitioner gave me, though.

as a fairly open-minded individual, i take any and all people are willing to share with me and do my own research and looking into it before making a decision based on my findings and this will definitely be something i look further into, now that i have experience to back it up.

what are your experiences with reiki or energy healing? do you think it worked? why or why not?


it’s really not so simple…

simple savasana is a bit of an oxymoron.

anyone involved with yoga will tell you that the savasana pose is the most difficult pose to achieve, as it requires full relaxation (and no snoring!) to achieve its full benefits.

i strive to find even a modicum of relaxation in my every day life (let alone in my yoga practice) and i find the play on words to be a tongue-in-cheek bite at my own insecurities and limitations.

through this blog, i hope to document my triumphs (and failures!) along the way to achieving the life i want to live.

thank you for joining me on this journey.